Horror film BAD HABIT release

Can a serial killer cure herself with a self-help audio book before she claims her next victim? That’s the story behind my latest film project, Bad Habit starring scream queen and Minnesota native Sarah French.

For the past several months I’ve been hard at work on post production with my executive producer Clint Andera. I’m really excited to get the film in front of horror fans – Sarah usually plays the helpless victim or final girl on film, but in Bad Habit she’s played dramatically against type. She’s never played the bad guy on screen before, and her fan base is already excited to see her in something so different.

This is also an experiment in crowdfunding versus monetization. A lot of productions of this size and scale would run a crowdfunding campaign before starting production, but I decided against it with Bad Habit. I didn’t want to ask fans to donate $20 or $50 for a final product they’d have to wait for. I’ve personally been burned on film projects I’ve supported – sometimes they never get completed (or in one case, started) and often promised rewards are never delivered. I’m hoping that horror fans will instead be willing to support an independently-produced project for just a few dollars, with the benefit of getting a preview of the final product and instant gratification.

Bad Habit is being released through the video platform VHX.tv, which allows users to download a DRM-free copy of the film, and stream online and through iOS, Chromecast, and Roku. Take a look at the website http://badhabit.vhx.tv.